The Krazy Eight is a blog about how me and my family of eight manage…..at least I think we’re managing. From time saving recipes, meal planning, chores, budgeting and more!! I’m a completely hands on mommy of six…yes I said six….Trey (17), Keja (14), Caiden (12), Kaila(10), Kira (8) and Olivia (6) and I am a homeschooling mom. We do a lot of homemade stuff from food to crafts and we are committed to leading healthy lives. My husband (Rj) and I are really laid back parents who believe in letting our kids express themselves freely, as long as it’s not disrespectful. We also own a Gaming Lounge in our downtown area.We do a lot of different activities on a regular basis and I’m so excited to share our experiences with you guys. Thanks for being here!!



Oh and we can’t forget about kitty kitty. This is Triscuit. We got him on Mother’s Day of 2017 and apparently he enjoys reading the Veggie Tales bible in his spare time!!


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