Little Mini Library


Aaaaah. I have literally been waiting forever for one of these things to pop up in my area. Okay for one, I’m absolutely obsessed with books. My whole family is. I can’t even tell you how many books we own, definitely in the thousands tho. Reading is an adventure. I just get lost in every new story, and get to know every new character, turning page after page, feeling desolate when I have to put my book down.

And my kiddos?? If it was possible for them to come straight outta the womb reading they would have. They all learned to read at an early age and they are always reading just like their mama. Bookstores and libraries are definitely our top fave places to visit.

Okay, so if you’re unfamiliar with the “mini library” or “free library” concept I’ll explain. So basically, all over the country people are putting up these free book exchanges. They’re typically little wooden boxes but sometimes they come in different shapes and sizes. Anybody, literally anybody, can take a book or share a book. I’ve read so many different accounts of neighbors interacting with each other more and people making friends through this community based free library!!

I’m not gonna lie to y’all. I’ve always thought this was a super dope idea. My nerd senses were tingling the first time I heard about it. Now, I’m not sure if the Little Mini Library we came across is affiliated with the non-profit organization Little Free Library but it’s still the same concept.

Friends of the Elkhart Public library announced the installation of their first little mini library last week but I just hadn’t found the time to go, until today. The kids and I actually planned a trip to Wellfield Botanic Gardens 1.) because it’s simply beautiful out there and 2.) it’s free on  Tuesday! Y’all know how I am about my freebies. The kids had a really good time (even though the Children’s Garden was closed for maintenance) skipping rocks and just enjoying all of nature.




I actually almost forgot about the mini library until we were on the way out….and my kids were so excited. Little Olivia was like “What, we can just take a book…for free?” We only took one book so as not to be too greedy and when we got home we set aside a couple of books to take back up to the mini library when we visit the Gardens again. I highly recommend that you find a little free library where you live .

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