Omelettes in a Bag!! Say WHA?!?!


Bruh, when I first heard of this idea it changed the whoooooole game. Let me tell y’all. I LOVE eggs, especially omelettes. My kids love omelettes. Who doesn’t love omelettes. The problem is whenever we decide to have them I basically turn into a short order cook because every single last one of these little crumb snatchers wants their omelette a different meat, extra cheese, spicy, just onions (don’t ask…my kids are weird). I would spend hours, literally hours, making everybody’s “special” omelette and then by the time I got ready to make mine somebody was asking for seconds. Like, seriously? Can Mommy eat orrrrr…..Okay, guess not. I’ll just sit here and have cold coffee and broken dreams for breakfast.

But wait, maybe their is still hope. I was watching some random life hack video on YouTube and this guy put all of his omelette ingredients in a ziploc bag and just boiled it. Like, what? GENIUS!! How come I didn’t think of this. I started thinking of how I could make this even easier. I set up a tray with all of the ingredients already chopped up so everybody could put together their own omelette. Just pick what ya want, skip what you don’t and we’re good. I’m pretty sure the cat could do this. (don’t worry I don’t let my cat make omelettes).

A couple of things we do differently. 1. I definitely recommend doing this in BPA Free ziploc bags if that kinda stuff matters to you. No need to add any chemicals to this process and that stuff messes with your hormones and has been linked to things like infertility, heart disease and diabetes. 2. Double bag these bad boys!! Just in case something happens to the first one while boiling. Extra protection is always good. 3. Just because our family is so big we thought it a good idea to label the omelette bags to keep them in order. We use clothespins for that but I’ve seen people use regular pens and sharpies as well.

So, the video I watched the guy just brought a pot of water to boil and added his omelette bag to that. I, however, being a mother of 6,000 felt the need to save even MORE time so I use my electric tea kettle. Listen, if y’all don’t own one of these go to Amazon right now and order one. This is actually the one I have. I like that it’s see through because I have children that apparently need to see what’s happening with boiling water every second that it’s boiling. BTW, I still own an old school tea kettle too, because I’m old school and I love the sound of it whistling. But for the purpose of making these omelettes I use the electric one. I can fit 2-3 bags in at a time and I let em boil for about 5-6 minutes. A little less if you like runny eggs (yuck) and longer if you like em firm. (Also,  might I add that there is no pan to clean afterwords) Mom Win!!!

I suppose I could use a giant stockpot and cook all of them at the same time but it would take approximately 40 days and 40 nights to even bring it to a boil so I’m good. Let me know if you guys have tried this method before or if you do try it let me know any tips and tricks you have to make this process even better. The Krazy Eight are always looking for ways to make mealtime easier!! Have fun with this awesome way to enjoy the incredible edible egg!!


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