The New Year.


Eh, i know i haven’t posted in awhile but the holiday season was rather eventful for us. Christmas was beautiful, although the kids were disappointed in the lack of white stuff on the ground. I on the other hand was not. I hate snow…..and winter…..and Indiana……and, ok that’s a whole different blog post. We stayed up late Christmas Eve watching Christmas movies and then once kids fell asleep, we painted Kéja’s room (it was part of her Christmas present). Christmas morning came and our house was filled with so much joy. The kids made waffles with their new Mickey Mouse waffle iron and Mommy and Daddy went back to bed while little ones played with their new toys. Later in the day, once we were able to pry ourselves from the coziness and warmth of our bed we had Christmas dinner with my side of the family,afterwards going to hubby’s side of the family for more dinner and more presents for the kiddos. My sister in law is always so generous to the kids every year and this year was no different, she gave them a Santa sack full of awesomeness, including a dart board (how cool is that)? Now, i should make mention of the fact that this gift was more so for the oldest kids and I gave them strict orders not to touch it without parental supervision.

Ya know how you watch those shows on television, like Rescue 911 (does that even come on anymore?) and they show all these freak accidents happening and you’re just like “how does that even happen?” And then as a parent you couldn’t even imagine something that awful happening to your kid. I can still hear Kaila’s voice as she ran upstairs to our room screaming “Caiden threw a dart in Kéja’s eye!” What? What dart? From the dartboard that wasn’t supposed to be opened? The dartboard that was on top of the refrigerator? Wait, no….a nine year old boy would NEVER disobey his mother’s orders. And then panic rushed over me. The overreacting maternal side of me expected to go downstairs and the dart would still be stuck in her eye and that blood would be pouring from her eyeball. I cannot express how grateful I am that that wasn’t the case. We ran downstairs and of course she was crying but it didn’t look as bad as I imagined. She said everything was blurry out of that eye and she could only see colors and shapes of objects. I yelled, like REALLY yelled at my son because my emotions got the best of me. I was so angry at him for breaking the rules, and even moreso because it resulted in injury. We took our daughter to the emergency room, and boy, the day after Christmas sure was a popular day to be sick or hurt. It seemed like days waiting for her to be seen. The doctor informed us that it was a corneal abrasion, gave us some ointment for her eye and that was it. Thank God. Seven days and a follow up to the eye doctor and she would be fine, or so we thought. A couple days later something just didn’t seem right. Her eye seemed to be getting worse. It was swollen almost shut and so red and she was complaining of pain and said she couldn’t see anything at all out of that eye now. As parents, of course we took her back to the ER and they explained to us that her eye had become infected and to follow up as planned with the eye doctor the following day, which was a Monday.


That smile. This girl ALWAYS has a smile on her face. This is her waiting to be seen at the eye doctor. I was so nervous and she was so calm. I was nowhere near prepared for what the opthalmologist said to us. The dart had done far more damage than we were initially told. What she had was a corneal laceration and for the past few days her iris had been leaking out. She then said that Kéja would need to have surgery to stitch up the laceration as soon as possible and how soon could we get down to Riley’s Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. I had to walk out of the office because i didn’t want my daughter to see me cry. I was so heart broken. How could this be happening to her. I got myself together because i knew i had to be strong for her. Everything seemed to blur together after that but in less than 12 hours and after a series of tests we were sitting at Riley’s waiting for her to be sent back to surgery.


I was a nervous wreck the whole time. I couldn’t believe they were going to put my baby girl to sleep. They were going to operate on her eye. It was taking longer than expected and i was so scared that something went wrong. But praise God, the surgery went well!!


The stitches won’t dissolve on their own so she will need another surgery to have them removed and she developed a cataract through all of this so she will need a surgery to have that removed as well. She’s been to a couple of follow up appointments since the surgery and the good news is that the stitches are healing nicely and there has been no infection.

However, at the last follow up they said they wanted to schedule another surgery as soon as possible to clean out her lens. Even through ultrasound they are unable to clearly see how much retinal damage has been done. At this point all we can do is pray and be strong for our daughter. The doctors told us that we are in for a very long journey but I’m keeping faith that everything will work out the best that it can. The link below is for anyone that wants to help with expenses. The hospital and doctors are three hours away, our insurance doesn’t cover everything and we have 5 other children that need to be taken care of while we’re away at surgeries.”og.shares”%5D&action_ref_map=%5B”fb_d_m_j3″%5D


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