Daily Journal

Kiddos hard at work on their Daily Journal while I make breakfast. Actually today was a good one and they get straight to work. Some mornings are not so easy. Every now and then a child will claim they can’t find a pencil (trust me, we have an endless supply) or that so and so’s elbow was too close to their paper or my personal favorite “I can’t write this early in the morning.”


Reading and Writing are really big parts of our home life so they are required to write on a topic I choose every morning. Not only does it help their writing skills, I learn a lot about them when I read their journals at the end of the week. Some are filled with sarcasm, mostly from the teenager. When asked to write about a favorite toy he writes “I don’t like toys and if I did I wouldn’t have a favorite.” Keja, my flower child, tries to fill up her paper with as many hearts and rainbows as possible and ALWAYS finishes first, of course bragging to everybody that she’s done. The younger two of the school aged kids find it necessary to discuss the topic every single morning, bicker about who’s writing is better or if what they wrote REALLY happened. So, yes it can get kinda chaotic but what’s most important to me is that they are able to express themselves on paper and they are improving communication skills, both written and oral by talking amongst each other about the topics. So Mommy is happy, at least until breakfast is done and they find something new to fight about



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