I keep telling myself I will get to bed on time one of these days, whatever that means. But, living in a circus I’m starting to think it’s impossible. Olivia, who has a complete meltdown every time I even mention the word potty, all of a sudden is dying to pee-pee when she knows it’s bedtime. There’s always a child who “forgot” to tell me something in the entire five hours after school so they choose bedtime to tell me that they need 30 cupcakes by the morning or money for a field trip by tomorrow. It’s not that I’m not completely exhausted because I am. My mattress is totally calling my name after such a long day. From Happy Day Club to taking  hubby to work to basketball practice, back home to start dinner and then taking my oldest to play rehearsal I’m pretty sure I’ve earned my Chauffer’s license.  Going to sleep would be fabulous right now if it weren’t for the orange paint I noticed on the stairs on the way up to bed, or the Tupperware that needs to be cleaned because one of the kids took it out of their lunch box last minute and I’m just trying to remember if I turned the stove off or not. Guess I’ll try this “to bed on time” thing again tomorrow.

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